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Are you getting people behind your change initiative?? Managing Change in a systematic and effective way is a skill that most people base upon many years of trial and error. To a large extent, the results in practice are patchy.  Less than half of ... Read More

Are you getting people behind your change initiative??

Managing Change in a systematic and effective way is a skill that most people base upon many years of trial and error. To a large extent, the results in practice are patchy.  Less than half of those that embark on a change programme achieve a successful outcome.  Change management is sometimes described as the softer side of management, involving an intangible and mercurial mix of people skills, specialised tools and field based learning.  This two-day training course blows that myth away and instead, provides a disciplined and proven methodology for delivering change programmes that is practical and action focused.    At the end of the two days you will be equipped with the insights and an action plan to implement the key 3-4 changes that will lead your change programme in a more assured successful direction.  We will follow up with you after the course to support you with the ongoing change you are making to your change programme.

See below a short video (2.09mins) with one of our tutors, Ian Duncan, discussing how to bring people on board during a period of change.


What's covered?

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In each module we will take you through a three stage learning process consisting of learning the theory, followed by a case study demonstrating how it works in practice and then an excerise that will get you to apply this theory to your change programme.

Day 1

Module 1: Outlining a Change Programme
In this module we provide a detailed map of each of the stages of change and the expected outcomes /deliverables for each stage.  At the end of this module you will have an understanding of the various stages in designing a change programme.  This will benefit you in understanding what the set stages of a change prorgramme are, and then using this knowledge as a diagnostic tool, during a change implementation.   Our Change Management approach was designed by Ennovate and builds upon the foundations of John Kotter’s ‘systematic eight step approach’ and the application of Prosci Research into best practice Change Management. Ennovate refined and tailored the approach to reflect their in-the-field experience.

Module 2: Stakeholder Management
In this module we provide a framework for assessing key communities impacted by the change.  We provide you with a tool for assessing the individuals that are required to participate in the change programme and we provide a Stakeholder Management Action Plan for building commitment.  Stakeholder Management is used both as a way of identifying resistance and as a diagnostic tool for developing an action plan for building commitment to the change objectives.

Module 3: Change Mobilisation (Commitment-based Management)
A key element of any change programme is driving actions and getting people to commit to doing different things.  We introduce Commitment-based Management concepts and provide a practical demonstration of it in action.

Day 2

Module 4: Gaining Commitment
In order to support you in gaining commitment to a change programme, you will be given training in the listening and coaching skills essential for the one-to-one conversations between the Change team and those that need to be brought on-board to successfully deliver the change in the wider organisation.  In this module we provide the basic elements for having a conversation with individuals who need to be active participants in the change programme.

Module 5: Tracking and Managing Change
In this module we introduce a tool called the Commitment Tracker used for tracking commitments and actions and we will train you in its use by working through a live change scenario.

Module 6: Recap and Specific Action Plans
In this module we carry out a Review of the two days and the previous 5 modules. We then conduct a working session with each participant to develop an “individual action plan”.

Follow-up meeting [QA]:  We offer to meet or have a telephone call with each attendee approximately one month after the course completion date in order to conduct a 1 hour coaching and review session with them.

Who should attend?

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The course is suitable for the following:

  • Change Directors /Leaders
  • Change Managers
  • Programme /Project Managers especially Lean Six Sigma Black Belts and Champions
  • Process Engineers
  • Operations Managers

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Take the material and the exercises performed in training and apply them to your project and change programme.
  • Be equipped with a new toolset, methods and practices that will enable you to bring a fresh and informed perspective to diagnose your project and change management programme leading to more effective interventions and actions.
  • Design and implement behavioural changes into your programme that help build hearts and minds change.
  • Be equipped with the methodology for clarifying change objectives, coordinating activities and putting in place a disciplined practice to drive the accountability of key stakeholders and managers.

Who are the tutors?

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2 training days
Course Times
9.00am - 5.00pm

(includes course documentation, lunch and refreshments)

Delivery Mode
This programme is available In-House

What They SayWhat They Say

“We wanted to work with an organisation that would fit in with our team to observe us working together and understand the issues in real time.  Ennovate brought us through a structured process using commitment management and action learning to help us craft and deliver commitments.  I am pleased with the process and recommend this approach for building team capability”

– Gerard Murphy, Managing Director, Forest Division, Coillte

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Change Management Foundation

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