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Lean Six Sigma is a highly regarded and widely deployed approach to Continuous Improvement both in the manufacturing and services sector.  Lean Six Sigma is a team based application of process data and process knowledge to drive process improvement ... Read More

Lean Six Sigma is a highly regarded and widely deployed approach to Continuous Improvement both in the manufacturing and services sector.  Lean Six Sigma is a team based application of process data and process knowledge to drive process improvement and cost savings in a disciplined “project by project” approach.  It has become the process improvement methodology of choice for organisations that are serious about achieving world class performance in quality and customer satisfaction.  This course works through the DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve and Control) approach to process improvement, providing delegates with the critical tools involved.

The Green Belt role is the heartbeat of any Lean Six Sigma roll-out as a Green Belt can both lead projects themselves and also act as a key team member on Black Belt Projects, which have a wider scope and normally a more ambitious business case.

This Green Belt course is designed to strengthen the skill-set of the delegate in both problem solving and process improvement utilizing a specific project from his/her organisation to do this. This is a real benefit of the course in that delegates work through ‘real live projects’. Each delegate must identify in advance of training, a suitable work based project to complete during and following training so that, not only does each delegate gain the skills and techniques of Lean Six Sigma but the organisation gains the actual process improvement or project deliverable.

Delegates may complete:

  • an individual project, or
  • a group project.

Many organisations would not have sufficient projects to facilitate an individual one for each delegate on an in-house course. Group projects also allow projects with a wider scope and greater business case, while also facilitating a cross learning experience for the delegates.

As part of the course, software is used to teach the statistical data analysis that is at the core of the methodology. We offer organisations a choice of software; Minitab or SigmaXL. Practical use of the software using examples relevant to the delegates’ organisation and sector will be organised in advance.

Thus the three key features of this Green Belt course are:

  • The precise programme can be customised in advance to meet the specific needs of the organisation
  • Delegates will learn to use the statistical software most relevant to their organisation
  • Delegates will be able to complete individual or group projects within their organisation. 

What's covered?

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This is a 5-day training program with one day approximately allocated to each phase of the DMAIC methodology– Define Measure Analysis Improve Control.

The training is split into 2/3 modules run over a 2-3 month timeframe with the intervening time used to work on the project in line with the methodology. Key deliverables are explained and agreed with the delegates at the end of each module.

The course can be customized as required, to focus on specific tools that are more applicable to the organisation’s processes and industry and likewise not include tools that are deemed to be of less relevance or not applicable. Prior to the course detailed discussions take place with the tutor to ensure that all requirements are addressed  in both course design and content.

Define & Measure

  • Project Charter
  • Process Mapping (Deployment, IPO, Flow Maps and Spaghetti maps)
  • Graphical Analysis using SigmaXL (or agreed alternative)
  • Communications Plan
  • Team Dynamics and Tools
  • Statistics of a process (Capability, Control, MSA)

Analyse and Improve

  • Cause and Effect (XY) Matrices (Fishbone Diagram)
  • Root Cause Analysis / 5 Whys
  • Failure Mode and Effect Analysis (Predictive Risk Management)
  • Creative thinking
  • Managing Change


  • Standardisation and Simplification
  • Mistake Proofing
  • Process Control Plans
  • On-going Process Monitoring
  • Project Report out

Who should participate?

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This course is intended for front line problem solving personnel responsible for resolving process problems in day-to-day operations or responsible for leading Continuous Improvement teams.  It is also intended for those working with Lean Six Sigma Black Belts on major improvement programmes or looking for breakthrough performance in key business metrics.  Companies are rapidly realising that a Continuous Improvement Program is no longer an option but a necessity for survival in today’s challenging environment.

While there are no formal entry requirements, as the course is challenging in terms of content and time requirement it is recommended that delegates have strong mathematical skills.  Delegates should be competent in the English Language and should have a fundamental competence in basic Microsoft suite of software.

Delegate must also have:

  • A suitable project to complete during training
  • A laptop with the most recent version of SigmaXL software. (SQT can supply the software licences if required or should your organisation currently use an alternative software package (such as SPCXL or Minitab) this can be used.

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Successfully launch a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt project by refining a project charter, leading a project team, garnering support for the project from process stakeholders and ensuring a common understanding of the process across all project participants and stakeholders. (Define)
  • Develop a factual and accurate picture of the current state of process performance, identifying areas of weakness within the process for further investigation and achieving ‘quick win’ improvements where possible. (Measure)
  • Understand the drivers of poor performance in a process and select focus areas for improvement actions.(Analyse)
  • Develop and implement optimum, sustainable solutions with minimum resistance from stakeholders in the organization. (Improve)
  • Verify solutions have been implemented effectively and on-going controls are institutionalised in the organisation. (Control)

Who are the tutors?

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How will I be assessed?

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Full guidelines on project completion will be given during training. The delegate has up to 6 months following training to complete their final written project report. On successful project completion, delegates will receive an SQT Certificate as a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt.

This programme can be used as a basis for applying for ASQ (American Society for Quality) certification. Delegates can sit the ASQ Green Belt certification examination. Some further self-study will be required to sit this 3rd Party Exam. ASQ certification is a formal recognition by ASQ that an individual has demonstrated a proficiency within, and comprehension of, a specific body of knowledge.

For organisations who wish delegates to get both the practical SQT certificate and also be prepared to sit the ASQ exam, we normally run a 6 day Green Belt course.  This additional day will focus on the critical elements of the ASQ body of knowledge, worked examples and the review of sample ASQ exam questions to adequately prepare the delegate for the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Green Belt exam and thus enhance their probability of success.

There would be an additional charge for this extra day.

How do we train and support you?

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Throughout the training and right through to project completion, Green Belt candidates will receive support and mentoring from their tutor.

Company Support
For companies embarking on a new Lean Six Sigma deployment, a 1 day ‘Introduction to Lean Six Sigma’ and a 2 day ‘Lean Six Sigma Champion’ training is available for company personnel, as required.

Lean Six Sigma Practitioner Support
If you are undergoing/have completed a Green or Black Belt Lean Six Sigma course with SQT you can access our Lean Six Sigma Practitioner Support site which will provide you with access to a large archive of Lean Six Sigma support materials. Through the Lean Six Sigma Practitioner Support site we aim to provide on-going support to those we have trained as Six Sigma professionals by providing access to lots of useful information, reference material, course notes, and tools & techniques that will help to build on the Six Sigma knowledge you have already acquired.

Lean Six Sigma Network
Lean Six Sigma Practitioners will be invited to join the Lean Six Sigma Network where they will receive ongoing support and development in their role as a Lean Six Sigma leader and practitioner, as well as network with other companies rolling out Lean Six Sigma initiatives. Meetings are held quarterly.

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