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SQT In-Company
Programmes tailored to your people, your organisation, your needs
With on-site, virtual and blended delivery options

Understanding your needs

Sometimes you'll know exactly what you want from your programme. Other times, you may need some help from our experienced tutors to identity issues and provide solutions.

We do the paperwork

We take the insights you have given us, design a detailed training programme and forward you a proposal. A week later, we get in touch to see what you think.

Booking made easy

While you work out when best suits your team, we hold provisional training dates for you. When you are happy to progress, we'll email you a booking form to capture details.

Fine tuning

Once booked, the programme tutor may give you another call to see if we can further tailor your programme and materials to meet your exact needs.

On the day

On-site training - your tutor arrives in advance to ensure the room is just right and nothing gets in the way of an exceptional learning experience.
Virtual training - your tutor is available 15 minutes before your programme starts and our experienced staff are available to provide support.
Your programme manuals will be made available in advance.

Your feedback is vital

In our pursuit of excellence, we need your feedback. Each delegate completes a Programme Assessment Form providing direct feedback on the quality and effectiveness of our training.

On-going support

Further questions? Don't hesitate to contact our expert tutors by phone or email.

Assessment & Certificates

If your programme is accredited, please allow time for assessment before certification.