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ISO 45001 update August 2017

As the development of ISO 45001 progresses ISO/DIS 45001.2 was published in May 2017. It was subject to a ballot of 69 national standards bodies (NSBs) of whom 88% approved and only 11% disapproved. Because this was short of the 25% threshold required for rejection of the text th...

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New Autumn Schedule

Hope you are enjoying the summer and some of the recent good weather.  It is often the time when we start to think about our careers and skill sets.  With September approaching, now is the time to think about taking one of our public courses to give you the skills for you and y...

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Technical Writing Tip of the Month – (July 2017)

Stepping into the Reader’s Shoes is the Key to Good Technical Writing. Understanding the Audience. To understand the audience you must first analyse the audience. This is a vital first step in the preparation of a good document. Your analysis should assess how familiar various...

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Congratulations to our QQI FET students

Congratulations to all our QQI FET students who received their results last week.  75% achieved Distinctions with over 46% achieved marks between 90-100 including 4 learner achieved 100%. Special thanks to Denis, Brian, Ciaron, Edel, Tom, Maura and Gina for their excellent suppo...

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Technical Writing Skills – Tip of the Month (May 2017)

The Paragraph A good document should have a clear structure. Dividing your document into multiple paragraphs will result in a document which is much easier for the reader to understand and will help deliver the message effectively. Each paragraph should contain one idea. Each ne...

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