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++ Required for QQI Certification Purposes only

The name provided here is the name which will appear on Delegate Certificate

The Educational Entry Requirements for this course are as follows:

  • Minimum academic qualifications is a QQI Level 5 Certificate
  • Relevant life and work experiences – APEL: learners are expected to have met minimum attributes for general learning at Level 5

i.e. willingness to learn (reading, research), good communication skills, ability to self-direct, business acumen, assertiveness

A "Pre-Course Project Charter" must be submitted to SQT in advance of training (one to be submitted per team - you will be supplied with guidance documents on selecting a suitable project)

Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement

Lean Six Sigma training to be effective, requires the analysis of work-related problems. To facilitate learning, sharing of this information is necessary. To allow delegates to do this in a safe environment, we ask that all learners confirm agreement below.

Anything discussed by the group or submitted to SQT for the purpose of assessment will be treated as being confidential both during and after the period of the programme.

Consent for Sharing Personal Data for the purpose of Certification

Data collected in relation to learners to whom QQI makes awards may include-
PPS number
Access ID Number
Date of birth
First name(s)
Family name(s)
Programme name
Programme code
Award name
Award code
Result for award (as appropriate)
Grade for award (as appropriate)
Certification Fee status- Exempt/Not Exempt
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