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This programme is available In-House and currently delivered through virtual classroom training. We all want to work to our optimum everyday both in the work setting and outside of it. This is important towards developing a sense of capability and co... Read More

This programme is available In-House and currently delivered through virtual classroom training.

We all want to work to our optimum everyday both in the work setting and outside of it. This is important towards developing a sense of capability and confidence and being able to express ourselves positively in our work and in all our relationships. Staying resilient means understanding first of all what we need personally to be in our optimum state, and this requires examination of where we feel under pressure, less capable, not being true to ourselves and even stressed.

We are all different when it comes to what diminishes our energy and stretches us beyond what is comfortable. This workshop seeks to understand and examine where we are in terms of our responses to the situations that stretch and challenge us and then seeks to explore ways to understand what we can do to provide ourselves with the right balance and measure daily to ensure we fully meet the needs of work and life positively and efficiently.


What's covered?

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  • Individual assessment of what is makes us feel less effective in the workplace
  • Self-awareness – the master key to understanding what is going on when I feel less effective and stressed and how this manifests in different situations for me
  • The science behind stress, how and why is happens and the most common kinds of stress in the workplace.
  • What challenges me and how to deal with it effectively
  • What working to my optimum looks likes ,the balance between effective use of my skills and challenges that arise
  • What does life balance and correct measure in my life look like and where are the energy drains for me?
  • How to maintain optimum energy throughout the day and effective Interpersonal Relationships
  • Effective Communications  - the key to managing and maintaining positive relationships
  • What do I need to change, how am I going to do it, what support do I need?

Who should participate?

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Anyone who they want to get more about of their experience of work and in life with a view to changing their attitude and relationship with it in a positive and meaningful way. Anyone who feels they are less confident than they should be at work and anyone who feels they do not have the correct work/life balance in place.

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Know more about myself, what way I work, and where I feel under pressure, less effective, and out of balance.
  • Know what stress looks like for me and where and how it manifests in my life
  • What correct balance and measure in my work and life looks like and how I achieve it
  • Know what challenges me daily/makes me less effective and have worked through some key strategies to deal with these positively.
  • Know how to maintain and sustain positive energy throughout the day

Who are the tutors?

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How do we train and support you?

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Building on over 40 years combined experience in human resource learning and development, the tutors utilize an experiential learning approach to their programs.  This methodology of learning provides an opportunity for learners to engage with, experience and apply the learning in a practical way and also provides the opportunity for learners to receive feedback on their newly applied skills.  The opportunity is also provided to learners to reflect on the full learning experience and how this might be of value to them in the achievement of their learning goals.

To assist and continue with skills development, we facilitate via email a post learning reflective practice utilising skills practice sessions recorded during the course. This assists delegates in embedding new learning, gives further support and enables them to define any further actions required.

This program offers one to one or group coaching as an additional element to further support the delegate and embed the learning process.

In-House Courses
For In-House courses, the tutor will contact you in advance to discuss the course programme in more detail in order to tailor it specifically for your organisation.

Course Manual
Delegates will receive a very comprehensive course manual.

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1-2 training day
Delivery Mode
Available for In-House and delivered through virtual classroom training.
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How to Stay Resilient in the Workplace


How to Stay Resilient in the Workplace