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Grainne is a highly experienced Continuous Improvement and Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt with over 20 years’ experience in the global IT industry.

Grainne has many years of experience of developing and delivering training and working with Quality and Lean Six Sigma methodologies, tools and techniques, with focus on improving processes, reducing waste and decreasing costs for teams and organisations. She is resourceful and adaptable and uses strong communication and interpersonal skills along with metrics, data and logic to ensure that teams achieve their goals and successfully implement change within their organisations.

Grainne has trained and coached many Yellow, Green and Black Belt students to successful certification. Along with many years training in a traditional classroom style, she spent 4 years training using an online Virtual Classroom while working at Hewlett Packard. This included virtual training in Minitab and Statistical Concepts alongside softer skills such as Brainstorming for Root Cause Analysis and How to Complete FMEAs. She likes to blend her efficient organising skills and strong attention to detail with a softer empathetic and practical approach to projects. She is open-minded with a holistic and positive approach when working with teams.

Grainne enjoys working with teams and training students to use and to get the most from tools such as Minitab, and other statistical methods and techniques.

Tutor Quote

Tutor Quote

“Students regularly express concern to me about statistics and their fear of studying statistics. I suggest to them that within any Improvement project, the statistics component can actually be one of the simpler parts of the project - we use data, software and time. A more unpredictable part of any project for me can be the people, the dynamics of relationships and uncertainties of working in teams. Both are challenging to the mind in different ways”

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FMEA training was presented really well and is very beneficial for anyone looking to partake/facilitate this process in your work area. Training was excellent. Would recommend.

John Paul Ivers, Gilead Sciences Inc

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This SQT training course is very well delivered and extremely worthwhile, providing attendees with a wide and thorough knowledge of Statistics with Minitab. I would strongly recommend this course to anyone involved in data analysis and / or continuous improvement projects

-Niall Hynes, Danaher Business Systems Leader, Beckman Coulter

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Grainne loves swimming. She swims weekly with a Masters training group. She is also involved with the committee of her local Swim Club, which provides training for 170 swimmers aged between 5 and 18. Most recently, she has been attracted to open water swimming. Grainne finds that being in the water is very calming and grounding, and also finds it a great place for problem solving and solitary thinking.

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