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Kevina takes great pride in the training she delivers. She understands that supporting you effectively means meeting challenges and deadlines, understanding your specific needs, communicating effectively with you and providing accurate and honest advice, with integrity and confidentiality.

Kevina is a PhD graduate from the National University of Ireland, Galway. Since graduating she has worked in the life science industry for 20 years, both nationally and internationally. Beginning in the diagnostics sector, working for Cambridge Diagnostics she then moved to the medical device sector working for Abbott Vascular, Galway. Here she worked as a Microbiologist and was closely involved in the setting up, validation and monitoring of cleanroom environments.

Kevina delivers training programmes on many different topics related to Auditing, CE Marking, Quality Standards, Cleanroom Controls and Behaviours, GMP, as well as developing bespoke training programmes to meet specific client’s needs. Kevina’s outstanding attribute is her ability to motivate learners and enable their learning through sharing her knowledge and work-based experiences, in a simple and easy to understand way thus allowing the learners to achieve their learning goals successfully.

In addition to providing expert training, Kevina routinely works as a consultant and auditor. Kevina has the expertise to deal effectively with both Cleanroom, Quality and Regulatory related issues. Kevina is knowledgeable in many different quality and regulatory standards within the medical device, pharmaceutical, laboratory, & healthcare industries, is a strong and experienced auditor consistently challenging systems for compliance in a fair and consistent manner. With the wealth of experience Kevina has accumulated to date working with many different companies, she can appreciate and identify many similar situations thus allowing her to link examples and communicate clearly and effectively to ensure understanding.

Kevina provides key support to both start up and multinational companies. She is an accomplished trainer with a Certificate in Training and Continuing Education from NUI, Maynooth and has also successfully completed QMS Auditor / Lead Auditor training.

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Tutor Quote

As Albert Einstein said 'Education is not the learning of facts but the training of the mind to think', I too believe in giving my learners the tools, skills, experiences, knowledge they require to think outside the box and apply their learnings effectively in their own workplace.

- Kevina O'Donoghue

Student Testimonials

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“The tutor (Kevina O’Donoghue) was very knowledgeable with an excellent practical and engaging teaching approach. I learned useful auditing techniques that I will most definitely adopt during my internal audits.”

Patricia O’Kane, Office Programme Coordinator

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“The QMS ISO 17025 training exceeded expectation. All aspects of this standard were covered in great detail. Kevina made the training very interesting and interactive especially in a virtual setting.”

Jessica Eivers, Quality Analyst, PepsiCo

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“I have learned a new approach to preparing for an Internal Audit, what kind of evidence to look for and why. The Tutor was very experienced and engaging. I felt my time was very well spent and I will be using the newly learned skills in the future.” Mantas Maruska

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Kevina spends most of her training time talking about cleanliness and compliance but secretly in her spare time she really loves taking part in adventure challenge races such as the well known 'Hell & Back', 'Irelands Toughest Muckers' and the cold 'Turf Warrior Challenge' where the more muck and mud the better!

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