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This comprehensive programme will incorporate extensive insight, exploration and practice of the skills required to manage and lead others in either business or community environments. This programme will examine the theories that underpin best pract... Read More

This comprehensive programme will incorporate extensive insight, exploration and practice of the skills required to manage and lead others in either business or community environments. This programme will examine the theories that underpin best practice in leading, interaction with and the motivation of direct reports both individually and within a team.  Participants will be invited to engage in a process of reflection and exploration of theoretical models introduced through designed experiential exercises and skills practice, which aim to give real learning of how these theories apply to their roles and business needs.  Core Competencies around planning for individual and group discussions and communicating effectively will be demonstrated and assessed.


What's covered?

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Total Contact hours = 50 Directed Learning + 100 Self-directed learning

This programme will run over 12 weeks consisting of the following:

Unit 1 (2 days)                                                                                                  Week 1
1 Hour Individual learner Coaching                                                    Weeks 2 or 3

Unit 2 (2 days)                                                                                                  Week 4
1 Hour One to One contact with learner                                            Weeks 6 or 7

Unit 3 (2 Days)                                                                                                 Weeks 8
Training and presentation Days

Leadership Skills – Exploration and Development

  • You will explore and gain understanding of yourself as a Manager/Leader using a number of different methodologies including DiSC assessment Tool (Optional)
  • Using a specific framework you will develop a forward focused strategy of how you intend to be as leader/manager and what you will commit to doing to achieve this.
  • You will be introduced to and practise the Communication Tools defined by industry experts as the best practices required to be able to manage and interact effectively with Direct Reports, Peers and Senior Management.
  • You will gain experience of and put into practice a methodology for dealing with different types of conflict and confidently managing yourself to achieve win- win solutions.


Tools for Effective Leadership of Others

  • You will be introduced to and learn how to set clear and effective performance goals and objectives which motivate and empower your Direct Reports
  • You will learn, understand and practice how to have effective performance discussions with your Direct reports using the Communication model introduced on days one and two.
  • You will understand and gain appreciation of the globally recognised leadership styles model and how best to apply each style in different situations and with different individuals that report to you.
  • You will gain clarity about what motivates direct reports and then learn how to apply this theory to your own specific work context and team, which can encourage Direct report engagement and individual ownership.
  • You will learn about and put into practice a model for preparing and conducting effective meeting that will ensure productive outcomes.


DiSC profiling will also be available as an accompanying self-awareness tool and learning intervention.

Who should participate?

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Supervisors, Managers, Leaders at different levels of development, be they new to the role or those wishing to develop their skills further.

During the application process we will, however, take the time to discuss your needs and expectations to check that this programme is a good fit for you.  Our courses attract diverse and motivated people from a wide range of backgrounds. We find the learning experience co-created with such a diverse and committed group is very powerful.  We believe you will too.

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Analyse the evolving role of leadership over time, to include current and past examples of good leadership and its impact on the turn of events
  • Evaluate leadership styles and approaches in a range of public and private contexts, to include leadership dilemmas, the need for leadership in all aspects of life, and the impact of personal and public ethics, morals and values
  • Draw up a personal leadership plan for a task, project or job, to include strengths and areas for improvement
  • Demonstrate effective communication skills, to include oral presentations, listening skills, making suggestions and giving feedback, written documents and correspondence
  • Demonstrate problem-solving skills, to include strategic analysis of issues or problems, action plans, execution of plans, and evaluation of outcomes
  • Manage projects and tasks, to include working with a team on a practical project or task that results in effective team performance
  • Handle group dynamics, to include facilitating the different roles that people play, conflict resolution, interacting with people who have diverse views and styles, teamwork and motivating others
  • Conduct meetings efficiently, to include use of appropriate meeting etiquette, procedures and processes in a particular public, private or voluntary context
  • Demonstrate leadership skills in a chosen environment, to include reflection on personal experience and progress.

Who are the tutors?

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What are the entry requirements?

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QQI Level 5 Certificate, and/or relevant life and work experiences. For applicants whose first language is not English, SQT recommends a minimum English language competency of IELTS 5.5 (or equivalent) for successful completion of this programme. It is important to note that learners are not expected to have an IELTS or equivalent examination complete. Potential delegates are expected to self-assess their English language competency against the IELTS Band scores which can be found in this document.

How will I be assessed?

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The program will be run over a 11 week period. Those delegates wishing to pursue QQI certification will be required to complete;

Learner Record               40%

  • Assignment 1: Due at beginning of Unit 2 on week 3
  • Assignment 2: Due at beginning of Unit 3 on week 7
  • Assignment 3: Due on week 11

Skills Demonstration      60%

  • Skills Demonstration 1: Due on week 11
  • Skills Demonstration 2: Due at beginning of Unit 3 on week 7
  • Skills Demonstration 3: Due at the beginning of Unit 3 on week 7


Full Assessment briefs will be given to all delegates during their one to one tutor discussion prior to commencing the programme.

The grading of the QQI award is as follows:

Pass                       50-64%
Merit                    65-79%
Distinction          80-100%

How do we train and support you?

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In-House Courses
For In-House courses, the tutor will contact you in advance to discuss the course programme in more detail in order to tailor it specifically for your organisation.

Course Manual
Delegates will receive a very comprehensive course manual.

Additional Support
To assist and continue with skills development, we facilitate via email a post learning reflective practice utilising skills practice sessions recorded during the course. This assists delegates in embedding new learning, gives further support and enables them to define any further actions required.

This programme offers one to one or group coaching as an additional element to further support the delegate and embed the learning process.

Programme accreditation

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This course is QQI accredited at Level 6 on the National Framework of Qualifications.  The course meets the requirements of Component Specification 6N2191, a QQI Minor Award. Delegates who successfully complete the course and pass the assessment will receive QQI certification.

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QQI (FET) Level 6 Minor Award (6N2191)



Course Code
6 training days
Course Times
9.00am - 5.00pm
Time Zone: Europe - Dublin
Public Virtual Training: €1185

+ €165 for QQI Certification & DiSC Profiling
(includes course documentation)

91% of SQT students assessed in July 2021 received a Distinction - 100% Pass Rate
Delivery Mode
This programme is delivered virtually or face-to-face, and is available as Public or In-Company training
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What Our Learner's SayWhat Our Learner's Say

First time on a course with two instructors, breaks it up and makes it more interesting.

-Lee Farrell, Kepak Meat Division

I really enjoyed this course and thought it was an excellent blend of practice, theory and ‘example’.  It was extremely engaging throughout and there was a very high level of support from the tutors.

-Emma Foote, Marketing Manager, University Concert Hall, Limerick

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Leading and Managing People – QQI Level 6

Duration: 6 daysPublic Price: €1,185
+ €165 (certification fees)

Leading and Managing People – QQI Level 6

Duration: 6 daysVirtual Training Price: €1,185
+ €165 (certification fees)
  • 20 & 27 Sep, 11 & 18 Oct, 01 & 08 Nov 2022
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