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This comprehensive programme brings you on a personal journey involving extensive insight, exploration and practice of skills required to manage the performance of direct reports in the workplace. Participants will be invited to engage in a process o... Read More

This comprehensive programme brings you on a personal journey involving extensive insight, exploration and practice of skills required to manage the performance of direct reports in the workplace. Participants will be invited to engage in a process of understanding and practising the essential skills required to ensure successful outcomes when managing performance day to day, as well as during formal performance based discussions.


What's covered?

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  • You will gain clarity about what motivates direct reports and then learn how to apply this theory to your specific work context and incorporate this into the performance management process and discussions.
  • Learn how to set SMART goals collaboratively, which can encourage Direct report engagement and individual ownership.
  • You will learn about and put into practice a model for preparing and conducting effective performance meeting that will ensure productive outcomes.
  • You will be introduced to and practice the Communication Tools defined by industry experts as the best practices required to be able to manage and interact effectively with Direct Reports during the performance management process and discussion.
  • You gain an appreciation of how to best ensure consistent optimum performance from direct reports.
  • You will gain experience of and put into practice a methodology for dealing with different types of conflict that can arise during performance conversations and confidently manage yourself to achieve win- win solutions.
  • You will gain knowledge of, analyze and apply the possible causes of poor performance and put into practice the best approach for supporting your direct report to get back on track.
  • You will gain an appreciation of how best to deal with persistent poor performance and the options available towards ensuring fair, satisfactory outcomes for all.

During our preparation process we will take the time to discuss your needs and expectations to check that this programme is a good fit for you.

Who should participate?

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Supervisors, Manager, Leaders at different levels of development, who are responsible for managing the performance of direct reports and wish to develop their knowledge and skills in performance management techniques and communication skills.

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Have a deeper appreciation of the opportunities and challenges associated with performance management in the workplace
  • Gain a deeper awareness of the managers role and responsibilities within the performance management process
  • Know and practise how to, plan and prepare for performance discussions
  • Understand and practise the essential communication skills required to lead and manage the performance discussions
  • Understand and practise how to give and receive feedback effectively
  • Gain an insight into what happens when we are faced with challenging individuals and situations
  • Understand and practise leading and managing challenging conversations to ensure progress and accountability
  • How to identify the causes of poor performance and how best to support individuals towards successful achievement of performance goals
  • Understand when and how to escalate consistent poor performance within the organisation

Who are the tutors?

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How do we train and support you?

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Building on over 40 years combined experience in human resource learning and development, the tutors utilise an experiential learning approach to their programmes. This methodology of learning provides an opportunity for learners to engage with, experience and apply the learning in a practical way and also provides the opportunity for learners to receive feedback on their newly applied skills. The opportunity is also provided to learners to reflect on the full learning experience and how this might be of value to them in the achievement of their learning goals.

To assist and continue with skills development, we facilitate via email a post learning reflective practice utilising skill practice sessions recorded during the course. This assists delegates in embedding new learning, gives further support and enables them to define any further actions required.

This programme offers one to one or group coaching as an additional element to further support the delegate and embed the learning process.

DiSC profiling is also available as an accompanying self-awareness tool and learning intervention.

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Course Code
1-2 training days
Delivery Mode
This programme is delivered by or In-Company training
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What Our Learner's SayWhat Our Learner's Say

A very enjoyable course which engaged the student during activities. Gina has a way of drawing people out of themselves and getting them involved and making them feel comfortable doing it.
Gavin M June 13, 2023
Thoroughly enjoyed the course, the second time I have had Gina for a course and a great standard of delivery and will continue to use going into the future.
Lee A May 16, 2023
Really good delivery , keep it going and moving but never felt rushed
Padraic D January 26, 2023
I really enjoyed the course and learned some really valuable techniques
Ciara V January 25, 2023

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Managing Performance Effectively


Managing Performance Effectively

Duration: 1-2 days