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This programme is available In-House and currently delivered through virtual classroom training. Every industry in Ireland today that has a cleanroom, needs to be absolutely sure that the personnel who work there, are fully aware and strictly adhere ... Read More

This programme is available In-House and currently delivered through virtual classroom training.

Every industry in Ireland today that has a cleanroom, needs to be absolutely sure that the personnel who work there, are fully aware and strictly adhere to the tight controls necessary to ensure contamination within this environment is very tightly controlled.

Cleanroom personnel, when working in cleanrooms for long periods of time, can often become complacent in their working habits. This can be greatly improved by providing personnel with a better understanding of contamination, how it can enter a cleanroom and its impact on the process and products. This up-skilling/re-skilling of personnel with the relevant skills, awareness and knowledge will greatly help them to take ownership of their role within the cleanroom and the products they produce, with a specific focus on controlling and minimising the risk of contamination.

The aim of this programme is to give delegates a better understanding and heightened awareness as to how they and the various cleanroom processes they perform, can significantly contribute to contamination levels.


What's covered?

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The programme offers the participants from different backgrounds, an opportunity to work together in exploring challenges, solving problems and finding solutions to issues that are relevant to all businesses that have a cleanroom environment.

  • Overview of Cleanrooms & Contamination
  • Cleanroom Air Systems
  • Cleanroom Clothing & Gowning Practices
  • Effective Handwashing Practices
  • Cleanroom Policies & Behaviours
  • Effective Material Transfer Processes
  • Effective cleaning of surfaces and cleanroom equipment
  • Environmental & Product Monitoring of the Cleanroom
  • Assessment
  • Feedback

The training programme is very interactive, constantly encourages feedback from the participants and applies different training methods and styles to deliver the key messages e.g. discussions, group activities, demonstrations and practical exercises.

Who should participate?

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Any person in the organisation/service sector who is involved in working with cleanrooms e.g. Management, Operations, Quality, Engineering, Purchasing, Warehouse, Maintenance, Cleaning, Security Staff and Construction workers.

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Understand why cleanrooms are required for manufacturing.
  • Understand what ‘contamination’ of the cleanroom means.
  • Identify & understand the different types of contamination within the cleanroom and the levels of criticality.
  • Understand what cleanroom classification is.
  • Recognise the impact and effects should contamination enter the cleanroom.
  • Appreciate how the cleanroom functions to minimise contamination.
  • Understand the need for such strict procedures regarding cleanroom policies & behaviours.
  • Identify what are and are not acceptable behaviours in the cleanroom.
  • Understand the function of cleanroom garb.
  • Perform effective hand-washing.
  • Perform cleaning of their bench surfaces & equipment effectively.
  • Transfer materials into the cleanroom effectively.
  • Understand why the cleanroom is monitored and the different types of microbial monitoring that is performed in the cleanroom and on product.

Who are the tutors?

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How will I be assessed?

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In-House Courses
For In-House courses, the Tutor will contact the Course Organiser in advance to discuss the programme in more detail in order to tailor it specifically to the organisation.

Course Manual
Delegates will receive a very comprehensive course manual.

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Course Code
1 training day
Delivery Mode
Available for In-House and delivered through virtual classroom training.
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What Our Learner's SayWhat Our Learner's Say

Great, informative training session with very relevant content throughout delivered by a professional who clearly knows their stuff!
Billy W October 10, 2023
Very good overview, what was really helpful was the specific tailoring of the course to our processes.
Jillian S September 18, 2023
Kevina was great at putting together a custom training session for the companies needs. The level of detail was perfect for the staff participating and Kevina always ensured everyone was in the same page before moving on. Her willingness to review last minute data was really fantastic and greatly appreciated.
Robyn M September 18, 2023
Very well delivered course with good course content
Brendan M August 17, 2023

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Controlling Contamination within the Cleanroom


Controlling Contamination within the Cleanroom

Duration: 1 day