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Front line supervision is critical in ensuring “operational business goals” are achieved. Those who supervise in this essential area’s need to be able to balance business requirements with the interpersonal skills required to meet the needs of ... Read More

Front line supervision is critical in ensuring “operational business goals” are achieved. Those who supervise in this essential area’s need to be able to balance business requirements with the interpersonal skills required to meet the needs of those who work in these areas. Getting the balance right is the hard part. This programme will help focus and develop the skills required to be an effective supervisor of people which ensures the business goals are achieved through teams and individuals in a way that engenders trust, respect, ownership and a positive work environment. This programme will facilitate a process of self-understanding, learning and practise, in the core skills which develop true supervisory skill and practise.


What's covered?

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  • Gain an increased understanding and experience of those skills needed to supervise/manage effectively
  • Gain an appreciation of what motivates and engages employees and how to apply this with individuals and teams in the workplace
  • Explore, understand and experience how we interact with others and how this can affect our effectiveness as a supervisor
  • Understand and practice key communication skills needed to interact effectively with employees and others
  • Understand and apply a process for managing employee performance and dealing with non-compliance
  • Understand when and how to escalate employee under-performance and issues in a timely, consistent and efficient way
  • Consider different challenging situations/ people and put into practice a methodology for confidently managing ourselves to achieve win- win solutions
  • Understand key aspects of employment legislation and internal company policy and how these should be applied to different employees and issues as they arise
  • Skills practise of all theories and models introduced in a safe environment.

Who should participate?

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Supervisors at different levels of development, be it new to a supervisory role or those wishing to develop their skills further.

What will I learn?

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Participants achieve the following learning outcomes from the programme;

  • Have increased awareness of the role and requirements of a supervisor within business
  • Know how to positively motivate and engage their employees and teams in the achievement of company goals and targets
  • Know how to effectively and consistently communicate in a manner which engenders clear employee understanding of their role and fosters positive relationships
  • Understand and apply employment legislation and internal policy in a consistent manner as it applies to the situation and circumstances
  • Know when and how to escalate issues to the relevant person/department for further support in a timely manner.

Who are the tutors?

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How do we train and support you?

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Building on over 30 years' experience in human resource learning and development, the tutor utilises an experiential learning approach to their programme. This methodology of learning provides an opportunity for learners to engage with, experience and apply the learning in a practical way and also provides the opportunity for learners to receive feedback on their newly applied skills. The opportunity is also provided to learners to reflect on the full learning experience and how this might be of value to them in the achievement of their learning goals.

To assist and continue with skills development, we facilitate via email a post learning reflective practice utilising skills practice sessions recorded during the course. This assists delegates in embedding new learning, gives further support and enables them to define any further actions required.

This program offers one to one or group coaching as an additional element to further support the delegate and embed the learning process.

DiSC profiling is also available as an accompanying self-awareness tool and learning intervention.

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2 training days
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Virtual Training: €595
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This programme is delivered by Classroom, Virtual Training, or In-Company training
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What Our Learner's SayWhat Our Learner's Say

Gina is such a lovely woman. I couldn’t thank her enough for the course and how well she explained and thought us. She didn’t rush through any task or subject. Personally I find most courses boring but I really enjoyed this course all thanks to Gina.
Eoin W September 29, 2023
Gina was the best tutor I've had and I've done alot of courses. You can't bottle what Gina has it's just natural
Roly B September 29, 2023
The course was very well presented and the team work with open discussions it made different experience and opened my eyes were I could improve my skills and communication.
Lina F August 22, 2023
Hello, I would like to thank Gina very much for her passion and professionalism as well as humor during training :-) He is really a very good (!!!) example for people who deal with a similar profession. Thanks again Gina and all your Team for a very productive time spent together:-) Have a wonderful evening! Kind Regards, Malgorzata Mlynczyk(Gosia)
Malgorzata M August 17, 2023

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Supervisory Management Skills

Duration: 2 days **
  • 05 & 11 Nov 2024
    Location: Virtual Book Date

Supervisory Management Skills

Duration: 2 days
Virtual Training: €595
  • 05 & 11 Nov 2024
    Delivery: Virtual Training
    Location: Virtual
    Book Date