Ni bheidh a leitheid ann aris

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Ni bheidh a leitheid ann aris

What makes a company?

Its customers
Its staff
Its suppliers

I thought of this saying “Ni bheidh a leitheid ann aris.” when visiting one of our suppliers recently.

The Nenagh Guardian does a lot of printing for us at SQT. SQT was previously based near Nenagh and we continued getting our printing done there after our move to Limerick, about eight years ago.

Recently for the launch of App School, we thought (late) of having some flyers printed. I phoned Paddy Brennan at Nenagh Guardian on a Thursday to ask him about printing glossy A5 flyers in time for a talk on the following Tuesday evening. Paddy said no problem. Have the design into him Monday morning, they’d print them then and I could collect them when passing through Nenagh, Tuesday afternoon.

‘No problem’ are just lovely words to hear when organising something late.

‘No problem’ to some extent sums up the ethos of this printing works.

As well as running the printing works, the Nenagh Guardian also publishes the weekly local newspaper, which circulates in North Tipperary. The paper is one of the few Irish regional newspapers still in private ownership.

When I dropped in that Tuesday afternoon, I realised it was some time since I had been in the printing area. It had been reorganised. I was intrigued to see all the old copies of the newspaper bound on shelves. There’s history here.



The first edition July 1838 – 171 years ago, pre-famine Ireland



The second edition


A mouse even did a bit of searching!


I must go back and search those early editions myself for any mention of training courses …

It’s true, “Ni bheidh a leitheid ann aris.”

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