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Top Tips for a Better Virtual Training Experience

After moving from years of classroom based training to the virtual world, our Expert Tutor, Edel Jones asks the question is virtual training here to stay and gives valuable insights and advice on how to make the most of virtual As ISO 22000/2018 defines Risk as ‘The effect of u...

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What the Zoom is Virtual Training?? An inside perspective

As I packed away my computer on March 10th last year and headed down the long drive of Citi West hotel, I was pleased to be heading home after a successful 1-day HACCP refresher course. Little did I know that 13 months later, I would not have returned to a venue that I had used f...

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The best start to Problem Solving – the Lean Approach

Read our latest blog from Steve Halpin of Etac Solutions  in relation to the Lean Solution and his personal experience and understanding the Lean approach I tell this account as a means of understanding the Lean approach. A number of years ago, I was involved in setting up a lo...

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Process Flow Charts are an essential tool in Root Cause Analysis

There are several tools used in Root Cause Analysis.  One of the most important is the Process Flow Chart. Problems arise when the process fails to performs its designed function.  The problem solving team must identify the causes of the problem, which really means determining ...

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Don’t confuse Mixture DOE with Factorial DOE and RSM

When undertaking formulation work don’t confuse Mixture DOE’s with Factorial/RSM DOE’s A potential error among DOE practitioners undertaking formulation work is to confuse Mixture DOE with Factorial/RSM DOE’s.  This can lead to unsatisfactory or misleading outcomes. Form...

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