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Risk Analysis Software

Submitted by our tutor Liam Dillon from Turlon & Associates Traditional analysis is deterministic (that without using probabilities) and in general most project software can be labelled as deterministic (i.e. Microsoft Project). As product professionals become competent in sp...

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6 Communication Problems for Project Managers

Good communication skills are a prerequisite for any project manager and thus are critical to the success of any communication process. Organisations can only achieve their goals and objectives by the coordinated efforts of their members and it is the task of the management to ge...

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The 5 “Don’ts” of Project Management

Submitted by our tutor Liam Dillon from Turlon & Associates. As I read the various blogs / articles and papers on how to be successful as a Project Manager, it got me thinking of what not to do as a Project Manager. Over a 27 year career as a Project Manager, I have seen som...

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10 Quick Ways for Self-Development

Are you someone who likes to continually develop but there are times when firstly the budget isn’t there or secondly (and probably more frequently) you do not have the time to entertain it. At Turlon, we are one of the leading providers of project, program and portfolio managem...

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Tips to Managing Multiple Projects

How many of us have stood in the privacy of our office space, meeting room or personal environment and become anxious about the number of projects that we are asked to manage. Thinking to yourself, all along, that this throughput is not sustainable for your health and then we wal...

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