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Trying times

Training really follows the academic year, busy September to December and then again January to June. Summer, with many companies on holiday is the quieter time. Here at SQT we tend to divide the year into two just as I mentioned, September to December and January to June. Summer-time is the time we get a lot of tidy-up done, catching up on those jobs we don’t get to in the really busy times.

This year has been somewhat quieter training-wise because of the recession, but we are very appreciative of the level of business we do have and work hard to look after it well.

One thing though that really hits us is the number of our good customers who are closing or undergoing redundancy programmes. Good customers we have worked with over a long number of years. People we have gotten to know well through our working together. Down-sizing is such a reality of this new Ireland in recession. One can’t but feel for all those individuals whose lives are being radically changed through un-employment.

These truly are trying times. Hopefuly the light at the end of the tunnel will soon shine brightly.

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