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Six Sigma and Wine … go together

I’m always meeting people who think that Six Sigma is only for large multinational manufacturing companies. The following is testament to that not being true;

A friend of mine who works for Google in the US told me of a speaker who was coming to talk them in their HQ in Mountain View. His name is Kaj Ahlmann and he runs a ranch and winery in northern California.
“Good for him!” you might say, but what’s this got to do with Six Sigma? Well, the ranch is called Six Sigma Ranch. Kaj is a Six Sigma Black Belt who spent his business career with GE. In 2000, he bought some land and devoted his energy to doing things the “right” way to make a world-class wine. This “right” way is Six Sigma.

Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 22.09.05

Below is a piece taken from the website on their approach to wine making

Screen shot 2009-09-16 at 22.09.2

Kaj always had a desire to set up a winery and vineyard and now he is living the dream. After looking at the ranch website, any Six Sigma practitioner will realise that Six Sigma is a step on the way to achieving any goal. Six Sigma principles, tools and disciplines can be applied to any sort or business in any industry at any time…

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