Lean Six Sigma ‘Wall of Pain’

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Lean Six Sigma ‘Wall of Pain’

Eamon, one of our Lean Six Sigma tutors wrote the following:

Given the relenting pressure on all businesses to drive costs downwards and improve their competiveness the question is where do we start? Which areas should we focus on?

A very simple technique is what they call the ‘wall of pain’. This is whereby the Management Team based on their every day experiences list the top 10 activities which they consider a pain in the …

This top 10 is then correlated against the annual goals and objectives in terms of their impact to shortlist the top 3 opportunities and equivalent continuous improvement projects. This correlation uses a scoring method as illustrated below.

Screen shot 2009-12-01 at 18.47.51

Whether we undertake the Project using Lean Six Sigma or another Continuous Improvement Program depends on the company preference … the important thing is that we have a starting point!

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