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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to everyone. It’s certainly a cold New Year.

Hills of Clare

The ‘far off hills are green’. Well here in Limerick, the far off hills of Clare are white.

I write this Thursday morning, listening to Morning Ireland, which is dominated by John Murray discussing Arctic conditions, our preparedness, or lack of same, school closures …

The Times online is much the same. Headlines of some of the stories related to the current weather:

No let-up expected in Arctic weather conditions
Safety concern extends break for thousands of pupils
4,000 tonnes of salt arrive in Limerick tomorrow
10-fold increase in AE patients in Sligo
Bus passengers stranded as service stalls

For many scheduling events, it’s hard to call it ahead. To cancel or not is the big question. Safety is always the primary concern, but it’s sometimes difficult to call.

We have cancelled the NEBOSH Diploma course for today in Dublin.

We are very fortunate that January is not the busiest month for public training courses. For Public courses, as well as contacting delegates individually, we will keep our website homepage updated with course cancellations. Decisions for In-House courses are taken locally, so delegates should contact their In-House course organiser.

So as well as wishing everyone a Happy New Year, we’ll also include a Safe New Year in this very cold weather.

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