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Quality counts

Toyota, the Japanese car manufacturer has certainly learnt that lesson.

One can’t but feel slightly sorry for the company as it faces one of the biggest crises of its 77-year history. The company has been forced to recall millions of cars worldwide after it was discovered that there was a potential issue with the accelerator pedal in a number of models.

My attention was drawn by Simply Zesty, an Online PR and Social Media company to a video on YouTube by Toyota’s Director in the UK, Jon Williams giving a message of reassurance to customers and outlining how Toyota will manage the recall of customer’s vehicles.

I don’t know what you think, but the video gave me confidence that Toyota is endeavouring to deal with this major quality problem in a very professional manner.

It is interesting how social media is being used to get Toyota’s message out in this crisis. Simple Zesty have included examples here of other companies (Eurostar and Dominos Pizza) using YouTube in dealing with Quality problems.

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