Health and safety – ‘an investment in the future success of the business’

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Health and safety – ‘an investment in the future success of the business’

The Health and Safety Authority (HSA) is the state sponsored body in Ireland with responsibility for securing safety, health and welfare at work. Working in partnership with employers and employees, its responsibility is to ensure that safety and health in the workplace is a key priority for everyone.

The whole area of Health and Safety is very relevant to us here at SQT as we have thirty three training courses in this area.

Yesterday, the Minister for Labour Affairs, Mr. Dara Calleary TD, launched the Health and Safety Authority’s new three year strategy.

Speaking at the launch, the Minister said “This new strategy builds on the significant progress made in relation to worker safety, health and welfare in recent years. It takes account of the realities of running a business during very difficult economic circumstances while ensuring that the safety, health and welfare of all workers is given the priority it deserves”.

The Minister added, “Huge improvements have undoubtedly been made and the challenge now is not just to maintain those gains, but to build on them. There are still important concerns to address at a time of unprecedented pressures on practically every business in the country. Working in close partnership and cooperation with key stakeholders, I’m confident that the Health and Safety Authority will be successful in achieving its vision of a national culture where all commit to safe and healthy workplaces”.

The Chief Executive of the HSA, Martin O’Halloran, placed emphasis on the fact that safe and healthy workplaces go hand in hand with commercial success. “From a financial perspective, conservative estimates put the cost of workplace accidents to the economy at well in excess of €3 billion annually. At an organisational level, business owners and managers must realise that a systemic approach to worker safety, health and welfare is not just a legal requirement, but an investment in the future success of the business.”

He further reminded people that, “So far this year 10 workers have lost their lives in work related accidents and every day an estimated 150 workers suffer an injury or illness due to their work. The real tragedy is that these accidents are foreseeable and preventable”.

The full strategy document is available from the HSA website.

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