Recent Six Sigma Projects save almost €9 million

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Recent Six Sigma Projects save almost €9 million

Congratulations to all recent recipients of HETAC awards for their Six Sigma training. Last month ninety people received awards over the four HETAC accredited Six Sigma courses.

Seven people completed Black Belt training. Their projects realised cost savings of on average €300,576 per project.

Four people completed Back Belt, Service and Transaction projects. Their projects averaged €71,968 savings.

Sixty Five people completed Green Belt, HETAC level 7 projects. The average cost saving was €98,722 per project.

Fourteen people completed the Green Belt HETAC level 6 course, which involves a case study rather than completing a project.

In all cost savings of a total of €8,808,801 were achieved over seventy six projects.

There are many other Six Sigma projects underway. People are working hard completing these and achieving more very tangible cost savings for their companies. These savings are critical for the survival of many companies in the economic realities of 2010 Ireland.

Without doubt, Six Sigma methodology is now proving to be a very important tool.

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