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A Free Energy Manager?

A new article in this month’s Envirosolutions, claims that Organisations are failing to take advantage of the opportunities to save money through improved energy purchasing and efficiency. In the current rather challenging times, organisations should be looking at every avenue available to them to save cash.

The article states that a high level Energy Manager position can often pay for itself in as little as four to five months. The article is from Paul Baier, vice president of sustainability consulting at Groom Energy in the US and is worth a read.

He highlights the fact that…

“Opportunities to save money are everywhere. There are, consistently, opportunities to reduce overall energy spend by 5 to 15 percent through projects with a two to three year payback period. This is serious money for companies with large energy budgets. A typical project may improve energy purchasing practices or increase energy efficiency.

Generating savings need not require a capital investment – zero capital projects also exist. One US retailer, for example, saves $60,000 per year at each of its distribution warehouses by adjusting the temperature set points for its frozen and refrigerated warehouse to be cooler at night and warmer during the day, when electricity rates were 50 percent higher. This same retailer saves $15,000 annually by recharging its electrical forklifts at 6 pm instead of 3pm, as was previously the custom, in order to take advanage of reduced electricity rates.

Why aren’t other companies exploiting these kinds of opportunities? “

If your organisation is not currently taking advantage of the savings or doesn’t have the expertise to do so, it might be worth checking out our six day Certified Energy Manager course (awarded by the Association of Energy Engineers). Our next course commences on 08 February – it’s never too early to start planning! Further information is available here

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