Which Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Projects?

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Which Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Projects?

An analysis of the projects chosen by 275 Lean Six Sigma Green Belt course attendees, reveals the following:

Project type and frequency
Waste reduction/elimination 63
Cycle time reduction 41
Process yield improvement 34
Process improvement 19
Reduction in NVA activities 19
Increase in process throughput 13
Process control 8
Cost reduction 6
Customer satisfaction 6
Process risk reduction 6
Quality improvement 6
Improving process capability 5
Cost savings 4
Design change 4
Defect reduction 3
Risk exposure 3
Compliance 2
Improved staff utilisation 2
Process leveling 2
Process stability 2
Other 27

Total 275

The following is a graphical display of above information.

Green Belt projects

What’s interesting is that lean type projects were more popular. By way of context, 81% of the the projects were completed in financial services and pharma companies.

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