Conversion from ISO9001 to ISO22000

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Conversion from ISO9001 to ISO22000

It is generally accepted that ISO9001 has passed its ‘sell by’ date for the food industry. A number of companies who have been certified to ISO9001 for the past number of years, are converting their certification to FSSC as Food Safety System Certification, (FSSC = ISO22000:2005 and ISO22002:2009), is now seen as more appropriate and more desirable by their customers.

Both ISO9001 and ISO22000 standards have a lot in common however clause 7 of ISO22000, Planning and realisation of safe products, which demands the seven CODEX principles to be addressed, is where FBOs, (Food Business Operators), need to focus their resource to achieve FSSC certification.

The fifteen pre-requisites as defined in ISO22002 are now viewed as the essential food safety foundation which will control the majority of hazards that exist in any food business.

As per FSSC, all control measures which exist in the food business are either:
Prerequisites which prevent hazards from getting onto products, Operational Prerequisites which by and large remove hazards from products, or CCPs, (Critical Control Points) which control the hazard in the product. It is the combination of these three control measures which essentially makes up a company’s FSMS, (Food Safety Management System.)

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Submitted by our Food Safety tutor, Denis Kiely

Denis Kiely Food Safety Expert Tutor

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