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Increase in ISO Uptake in Ireland

Figures released from ISO show a large uptake over the previous twelve months.  There are over 19,573 standard developed by the ISO since its formation in 1947. The reach of the organisation has expanded with national members 164 countries, rising from 162 in 2011. Ireland’s representative body is the NSAI. The national members consist of 111 member bodies, 49 correspondent members and four subscriber members.

The number of active projects in 2012 has increased to 4056, from 4007 in 2011. Consequently, the number of standards published has also risen from 1208 in 2011, to 1280 in 2012.

A summary of the statistics is shown in the table below.

Table 1 Global Distribution of Certificates 2011 and 2012

Standard No. of Certs Issued 2012 No. of Certs Issued 2011 Increase Increase (%)
ISO 9001 (Quality) 1,101,272 1,079,647 21,625 2%
ISO 14001 (Environmental) 285,844 261,957 23,887 9%
ISO 50001 (Energy) 1,981 459 1,522 332%
ISO 27001 (Information Security) 19,577 17,355 2,222 13%
ISO 22000 (Food Safety) 23,231 19,351 3,880 20%
ISO/TS 16949 (Quality Automotive) 50,071 47,512 2,559 5%
ISO 13485 (Quality Medical Devices) 22,237 19,849 2,388 12%
Total 1,504,213 1,446,130 58,083 4%

Source (ISO, 2013)

From Table 1 above, it can be seen that the uptake for the seven most popular standards have all increased over the past year. The greatest increase in uptake has occurred with ISO 50001, with an increase of 332%.

This increase is due to the fact that ISO 50001 was released in June 2011, and therefore the 2011 figures represent six months of uptake. In addition this is the first internationally recognised energy management standard.  The large increase may be the result of companies with existing standards upgrading their systems to comply with the requirements of ISO 50001, as the standard is in its infancy.

Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland’s Large Industry Energy Network (LIEN) is a voluntary network comprising of 140 companies representing 60 percent of Ireland’s industrial energy usage. A staggering €60m in avoided energy costs has been achieved since 2008 with the Scheme. SEAI also have a scheme under the LIEN, called the Energy Agreements Programme (EAP), over which there are 80 members which requires organisations to implement an energy management system.

In addition to this Ireland is home to many of the world largest MNCs (e.g. Google, Pfizer) and these companies are paving the way for best practice energy management for their colleagues in other countries and this has been enforced further with the swift implementation of ISO 50001. Germany and the UK are the market leaders in the largest number of ISO 50001 certificates issued but Ireland is coming up behind these countries, and is driven by SEAI’s goal to ensure that all members of the EAP have achieved ISO 50001 certification by the end of 2013. (Brogan, 2012)

The global uptake of ISO 50001 over the first twelve months has exceeded that of ISO 14001 in its initial twelve month period, and is rivalling the number of uptakes of the ISO 9001 in the 1990’s.

ISO 9001 makes up the majority of the certificates issued with over 73% of the global total awarded in 2012.

Table 2 Distribution of Certificates 2011 and 2012 in Ireland

Standard Intro Year No. of Certs Issued 2012 No. of Certs Issued 2011 Change (%) Total Certs Issued
ISO 9001 (Quality) 1993 2,331 1,875 +24% 43,462
ISO 14001 (Environmental) 1999 417 663 -37% 4,947
ISO 50001 (Energy) 2011 35 n/a n/a 35
ISO 27001 (Information Security) 2006 48 30 +60% 146
ISO 22000 (Food Safety) 2007 49 49 0% 246
ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive Quality) 2004 23 21 +10% 187
ISO 13485 (Medical Devices Quality) 2004 193 159 +21% 975
Total 3,096 2,797 +11% 49,998

(Source: ISO, 2013)

From Table 2, it can be seen that the distribution of ISO 9001 makes up the majority (over 75%) of the total number of certificates distributed. The uptake of this standard has increased 24% on the previous year also. The large uptake for this standard has been driven by the introduction of EU directives on products which specify minimum standards

ISO 9001

ISO 9001





Figure 1 ISO 9001 Annual Distribution of Certificates

The distribution of ISO 9001 conformance certificates peaked in 2000 and 2001 where 3700 certificates were being issued annually. The uptake of the standard has dropped off since then to more modest levels. Yet 2012 saw an increase of 24% in certificates issued versus 2011, as 2331 certificates were issued.  From all the certificates distributed in 2012 in Ireland, over 75% of them were for ISO 9001.

ISO 14001

ISO 14001



Figure 2 ISO 14001 Annual Distribution of Certificates

417 certificates distributed in 2012. This is lowest distribution rate of ISO 14001 certification for the previous five years. This drop off may be due to maturity of standard and proposed introduction of the new ISO 14001 in 2015.

ISO 50001

The number of ISO 50001 certificates issued in 2012 was 35. This number quite big considering it is a voluntary standard. The standard was only introduced in June 2011 and many companies with existing EnMS standards in place, such as EN 16001, may be waiting for their existing certification to expire prior to acquiring the new standard. The next ISO survey will give a good indication as to whether the SEAI met their goal stated above.


ISO 27001

ISO 27001



Figure 3 ISO 27001 Annual Distribution of Certificates

There has been significant growth in the uptake of ISO 27001 since its uptake in 2006, where only six certificates were distributed, to 48 certificates being distributed in 2012.

ISO 22000 (Food Safety)

ISO 22000



Figure 4 ISO 22000 Annual Distribution of Certificates

Launched in 2007, 23 ISO 22000 certificates were issued, and annually since 2010, the number of certificates issues has risen to 49.


ISO/TS 16949 (Automotive Quality)

ISOTS 16949




Figure 5 ISO/TS 16949 Annual Distribution of Certificates

The adoption of ISO /TS 16949 has grown from seven in 2004 and 2005, to over 20 annually for the previous 6 years.


ISO 13485 (Medical Device Quality)

ISO 13485




Figure 6 ISO 13485 Annual Distribution of Certificates

Progressive growth has occurred in the uptake of ISO 13485 since 2004. The number of certificates has increased tenfold from its introduction in 2004, where 19 certificates were issued, to 2012 where 193 certificates were issued.


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