Top 10 Lean tips for business transformation

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Top 10 Lean tips for business transformation

1. Focus

  • Ensure that your lean program:
    • Delivers Customer Value
    • Is aligned to your business strategy
    • Delivers bottom line results – verified by your Financial expert!

2. Leadership

  • Your lean programme should be sponsored by senior leaders
  • They should be actively involved in the programme.
  • The programme should be reinforced through regular communications

3. Process Oriented

  • The lean approach is to systematically optimise your processes.
  • Begin by understanding your key processes and where value is being added.
  • The aim is to minimise or eliminate non-value adding process steps

4. Data Driven

  • Without data, you are left with opinions.
  • Make sure that all decisions taken to optimise processes are based on sound data.
  • This assists in taking the emotion out of key decisions and promotes acceptance

5. Performance Tracking and Accountability

  • Track performance and make results visible.
  • Real time data tracking is best.
  • Ensure all processes have key measures and review them regularly

6. Team Based Implementation

  • Ensure that effective teams are created to optimise processes.
  • Involve process owners.
  • Track team performance and reward success

7. Human resources

  • Ensure that your program is adequately resourced.
  • Bring in expertise if required.
  • Establish a proven training program for staff

8. Change Management

  • Lean programs question the ‘norm’
  • This can be difficult and involve changing established practices.
  • In this case, ensure that the team gives adequate attention to HR / Change Management.

9. Benchmarking

  • Visit other successful lean implementations.
  • Companies are often delighted to present their lean implementation.
  • Network with other companies implementing lean.

10. Don’t celebrate too early or give up too soon

  • Lean is a journey.
  • When you’ve optimised your process – start again!
  • The aim is to build a culture of continuous improvement
  • Start your Lean journey NOW

Submitted by SQT Lean tutor, Steve Halpin


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