What is the role of ‘The Project Transformational Manager’?

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What is the role of ‘The Project Transformational Manager’?

I have just completed a fantastic workshop for project managers that are leading some key transformational projects for their organisation and it got me thinking …. what is the most effective way of using Project Management for Transformational Projects

So let’s start at the start of this journey … there are three types of change occurring in organisations today are:

  • Developmental
  • Transitional, and
  • Transformational.

From talking with practitioners, it is widely thought that project management is a key asset in managing the change and developing a “change management” mind-set. However, can project management do all forms of change management and the answer is NO … project management can effectively support developmental and transitional change BUT it is also thought that project management in today’s terms is not sufficient for transformational change.

Transformational change is far more challenging because the future state is unknown when you begin, and is determined through trial and error as new information is delivered. Any this is where project management as a core assets lacks. This makes it impossible to “manage” transformation with the traditional format of scoping, scheduling and dedicated project plans. So to manage transformational change, project management needs to evolve from traditional principle and embrace relationship management, cultural diversity and business / value analysis skills … and here is my message, these are the core center-pieces of the project management plan.

For transformational projects, the future state can be so radically different than the current state that the people and culture must change to implement it successfully. New mind-set’s and behaviours are required. So what can project managers do to be equipped: –

  1. Embrace a mind-set and culture change and diversity that is a centre-piece of change. For example new systems require people to share information across strongly held boundaries or put the needs of the enterprise over their own personal / departmental agendas
  2. Focus on where value is and how to realise this in a manner that all parts of the organisation understand and accept. To lead change, the project should lead the business and develop sound business case’s based on measured value propositions
  3. Transformation impacts people and leadership is required to nurture the personal divide. Project managers should get people involved in it to garner support and become embedded in the personal dilemma’s that are prevalent
  4. Get people engaged by building a strong business case for change and determining the vision. Consider putting a wider representation of people on your leadership team. This will help in identifying requirements for the transformation, and to benchmark what “best-in-class” is to you and your organisation.

This is bring project management to a new level of application and I would like to call this a ‘The Project Transformational Manager’

Submitted by our expert Project Management tutor, Liam Dillon

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Liam Dillon - Project Management Tutor

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