Training others to train, what we have learnt along the way…episode 2

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Training others to train, what we have learnt along the way…episode 2

So after a gap, where life takes over and reflecting and writing takes a back seat, we are still on the topic of training others to train and nuggets of wisdom we have learnt along the way. Our next nugget to help the process of you becoming a great trainer is Key Learning Points. We mentioned this in our previous blog, when we referenced making complex information easy to understand and making  topics and learning  simple to grasp by  using everyday analogies, stories and metaphors to create bridges to learner understanding. So what do we mean by Key Learning Points?

Our experience of this is that, as a subject matter expert, you will have an innate knowing of what is key and critical to remember, or to do. The problem with this is, that because of your expertise you take it totally for granted and just do it because…well you just do it! It is only when we actually start training or preparing to train someone else that we realise how critical it is and how it needs to be emphasised/practised a lot. We harken it to “ if you remember only one thing from this piece of learning then this is it”.  If you are making connections with this you will maybe start thinking of aspects of the training you deliver such as safety or quality, but the absolute value of this, is that it comes straight from someone who has direct experience and has witnessed and experienced how important it is or the serious problems that arise if you don’t! This is where training and you as a trainer become priceless. No company can put a value on someone passing on knowledge or skills where lies within it the wisdom of one who has lived the experience and can pass this on with absolute authority and knowing.

So what are the key learning points from your training? A clue will be what it is you say a lot during your training and will assess/test your trainee on afterwards. In your tone, when you are talking you will slow down and put a verbal line under what you are saying and even actually say “what is key in this is….” . So today or when you are preparing to deliver your next piece of training, consider, what are the Key Learning Points I make with this topic and how now do I need to draw more emphasis to them and even more importantly how am I checking that the learning point has been learnt? And that, we will learn more about in another blog from now. Happy Training!

Submitted by our expert Leadership & Personnel Development Tutors, Maura Murphy & Gina Ryan

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