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IUMSS HANDBOOK: Guidance on Integrated Management System Standards

The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has published the Integrated Use of Management System Standards (IUMSS) Handbook. First published in 2008, this second edition brings together best-practice guidance and case studies on the implementation of integrating ma...

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Risk Analysis Software

Submitted by our tutor Liam Dillon from Turlon & Associates Traditional analysis is deterministic (that without using probabilities) and in general most project software can be labelled as deterministic (i.e. Microsoft Project). As product professionals become competent in sp...

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Technical Writing Tip of the Month – February 2019

What makes a good document? A good document is one that gives a clear message which all of the intended readers can easily understand. Key elements: The document must convey the most important message and direct the reader to any relevant detail. Remember, the most important mes...

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6 Communication Problems for Project Managers

Good communication skills are a prerequisite for any project manager and thus are critical to the success of any communication process. Organisations can only achieve their goals and objectives by the coordinated efforts of their members and it is the task of the management to ge...

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Technical Writing Tip of the Month – January

Stepping into the Reader’s Shoes is the Key to Good Technical Writing. Understanding your Audience. • To understand the audience you must first analyse the audience. This is a vital first step in the preparation of a good document. • Your analysis should assess how familiar...

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