Lean Six Sigma includes more than the usual suspects!

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Lean Six Sigma includes more than the usual suspects!

Lean Six Sigma has expanded its horizons to more than the usual suspects in terms of Projects. Traditionally, it was all about manufacturing and improving quality or reducing cycle times. However our Blackbelt and Greenbelt HETAC Programs have included some very unique and diverse projects in a variety of different Service and Transactional Industries. Examples include:

  • Improved Credit Card Fraud Processing by reduced input entries by 44%
  • Improved an EU Import Testing Process to meet a 23-day target
  • Green Statements – Removed the need for such a high volume of printed statements
  • Reduced number of errors relating to post being scanned to the wrong queue for distribution
  • Reduced Direct Debit Write Offs
  • PUK Code Calls – 15% reduction in customers’ calls to customer care for help
  • Standardization of Shipment Process resulting in not having to run an extra shift and resultant cost savings
  • Energy Saving Project – Reduction of carbon emissions by 23%
  • The process of screening referrals – increased management visibility and reporting of process performance resulting in less queries and non-value added investigation and tracking
  • Process Improvement is Process Improvement irrespective of the process and industry. The flexible and practical DMAIC* methodology of Lean Six Sigma has proven itself in this regard.

    In the last round of completed Lean Six Sigma projects, cost savings of €8,808,801 were achieved over seventy six projects … an average of €116k per project

    An average of €116k from projects that included more than the usual suspects!

    *(DMAIC = Define-Measure-Analyse-Improve-Control)

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