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Food Allergen Control

Food Allergen Control

A quick look at the Food Safety Authority website gives information on the latest food allergen alerts.

March 15th – Undeclared peanuts in Polish marshmallow vanilla confectionary.

February 10th – Undeclared milk in a batch of ‘Suma Organic Pesto Alla Genovese with Basil’.

February 9th – Undeclared wheat and gluten in a batch of Weetabix Oatibix Bites Sultana and Apple

The importance of food companies having a good understanding of food allergen control cannot be over-emphasised. BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Issue 6 emphasises for effective food allergen control.

Our next food allergen course on 17th May will cover:
– European Allergen Legislation
– The severity associated with each allergen
– The labelling requirements for Allergenic foodstuffs
– The Allergen Risk Assessment Process
– The cleaning and validation process
– “May Contain” Labelling guidelines
– Making “Free From” claims

More information here. Contact to make a booking.

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