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Food Safety Hazard Control

There is a general mis-conception in industry that HACCP is a Quality Management System however nothing could be further from the truth as it is 100% a Production Management System. All 4 categories of hazards; Biological, Chemical, Physical and Allergens are controlled by any department other than the Quality Department. As glass, wood, metal, plastic can be found in the majority of food processing environments, one must ask the question, who actually controls these hazards?

Contolled by the Engineering dept and maybe by Production when they carry out their hourly metal detection check.

Controlled by Engineering as they install the light diffusers and ensure that any other glass fitting that may exist in the premises is in good repair.

Generally controlled by the Production department as they ensure the suitability of wooden pallets and only allow them in designated areas.

Controlled by the Production department as it is they that open bags when selecting ingredients or control packaging material

I could give many other similar examples for cleaning agents, ammonia, oil and grease, all of which can be found in the manufacturing environment and yet again are controlled by either the Production or Engineering departments.

The implementation of any FBO’s FSMS* resides with the Production and Engineering functions. Quality/Technical’s role is to validate and verify.

* FBO, Food Business Operator
FSMS, Food Safety Management System

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