The Power of Relationship Building – To do or Not to do

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The Power of Relationship Building – To do or Not to do

Project management is a powerful tool and a powerful discipline but is it powerful enough to achieve the perfect relationship. To achieve anything we have to work closely with others to build a pathway for success. Creating success is about continually maintaining our relationships and this is not just having a list of people in your phone list or contacts file nor a meeting roster to follow … simply put, relationship building is about forgetting the world of technology and focus on the people themselves
You may have some doubts about the level of investment in developing personal relationships, but genuine contact with people can help make your career, project or business a success. Some of us may say … surely the technology, the tools, the disciplines we invest in will develop and manage the relationship … to a certain extent this is true, but will it foster and cultivate the relationships we have? Personally, I am not too sure but here are some tips to cultivate those relationships: –
  1. Sharing advice. If you’re feeling lost or confused, turn to the people around you with experience or expertise in an area can give you a few pointers. Do be afraid to ask for help or reach out irrespective of the level of seniority
  2. Investing and lending opportunities. You may find that it’s almost impossible to get ahead in a particular area. However, if you have built great rapport with others, they may help lend you the advice you need. In turn don’t be afraid to reach out to those you think that may need the same help
  3. Your relationships create new relationships. If you work closely with someone who you’ve impressed, you may get introduced to someone else who will play an important and influential role in your life. Likewise, do the same in return, introduce people and make connection
  4. Business / project relationships can turn into good friendships. Whether at work or outside work, days are better when you’re interacting with people who you enjoy spending time with. Sometimes you will just need a buddy to go share a drink with after a hard day or blow off some steam. Why not approach each and every person, including your colleagues, as potential long-term friends?
  5. Listen to those around you. It is not always what you say that is worthwhile, sometimes it is ability to listen to a person and not cast a judgement. Take the time to acknowledge that the person requires some space and time to blow off a bit of steam.

It is often said that relationship building cannot be taught and some people are naturals and some people need to work on it. Irrespective, the more time spent doing it, the bigger the dividend.

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Submitted by our Project Management Tutor, Liam Dillon


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