Benchmarking and DMAIC (Define Measure Analysis Improve Control)

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Benchmarking and DMAIC (Define Measure Analysis Improve Control)

One of the objectives in the Define Phase of DMAIC, the Lean Six Sigma Methodology is to get Project Stakeholders on board and is a fundamental element of the change management aspect. Getting stakeholders on board here involves getting a strong acknowledgement that a problem or opportunity exists that needs to be tackled. Benchmarking can play a key role in this regard. This could involve for instance;

  • Visiting a sister site, supplier, customer or fellow member of your Skillsnet Group to witness what process they have in place for Line Changeovers, Goods-in, Customer Service, Purchasing Amendments, Vendor Performance Management or whatever the issue is that you are trying to resolve in your Project Charter.
  • Conducting an on-line research exercise to establish best practice for the process related to your issue and in particular to establish the performance metrics to industry bests. These same benchmarks can then be used as targets or objectives in the Project Charter.

Irrespective, the sole objective of the Benchmarking Exercise is to get people to recognise there is an issue, it can’t be ignored and there is a better way!

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Submitted by Éamon Ó Béarra


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