SQT Tutor Training Day 2016

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SQT Tutor Training Day 2016

As a Tutor it is important to stay up to date on all kinds of stuff.

People and organisations consider us to be experts in many areas, therefore it is beholden on us to keep our skills constantly up-dated and our knowledge, constantly refreshed and challenged.  That’s our job.

Throughout the year our tutors update their technical knowledge and skills through a variety of CPD (Continuous Professional Development) activity but, once a year, in the month of August when many people go on holidays, our tutors instead come together.  This special Tutor Training day allows us to focus on an aspect of training and share best practice.


This year we choose “Enhancing Engagement”, facilitated by the engaging Padraic O’Maille, well recognised for the energy and enthusiasm he generates in teams.

 It goes without saying that Padraic was not dealing with amateurs, instead he faced a highly skilled and highly experienced group of trainers who love learning new stuff.  Throughout the day Padraic did a superb job of extracting best practice tools and techniques from the team so that all left, wiser and re-energised for the Autumn Schedule ahead.

If you want to test our new engagement skills…why not book a course today?


Submitted by Siobhan Cunningham, MD

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