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Training Others – get it Right not Fast…

Leading on from previous blogs, the tag quoted above is one of the most valuable things I have learnt as a trainer and I can’t emphasise it enough– Get it Right not Fast.  Giving the learner the opportunity to learn at their pace, and assuring them that accuracy is the most important objective as speed will come as they repeat the task, can be hugely beneficial.

Have the confidence and awareness in your training session to:

  • Slow down and go at the learners pace
  • Constantly check /assess to ensure they have all the information, context and resources they need
  • Have the learner demonstrate the task/process to you
  • Give feedback to the learner on how they are progressing with the new task or topic.
  • Invite feedback from the learner throughout the training to ensure that they are getting all the support they need in the training session
  • Assess at the end of the training so that both you and the learner leave the training session confident that the transfer of knowledge and skills has occurred and that they are ready to apply this in the workplace

These six steps are critical to ensure delivery of effective training. Once your learners have learnt effectively and have an opportunity to practice the process with guidance and support, this will build confidence.

Once confidence starts to build, with TIME comes the building of competence – this is speedy completion of the task with retention of the accuracy that was learnt at the initial training session.

Time is always a major topic for discussion with our learners on our Train the Trainer programmes (whether our intensive One day program or our in-depth Five Day QQI Level 6 Program).

So when you are designing your next piece of training ask yourself these questions?

  • How much time do I need to deliver this training effectively?
  • What is the cost of this time to the Organisation?
  • In the past, what has been the cost of refresher training when the skills aren’t acquired at the initial session?

Taking a few moments at the start of Designing your training to answer these questions can be extremely worthwhile and in my experience – saving both you and your Organisation Time!

Submitted by our expert Leadership & Development Tutor Gina Ryan

Gina Ryan, Leadership & Personal Development tutor


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