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New Storytelling for Business Course

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new “Storytelling for Business” course this March.

Delivered by our Tutor Padraic O’Maille – one of Ireland’s freshest and most uplifting speakers on business and personal development issues and a wonderful Storyteller.

So, what does storytelling have to do with your business?


If you can’t properly convey a story;

  • Your ideas, products and services will not sell
  • Your team will fail to engage, commit and execute
  • Your message will not have impact and will not be remembered.

The good news is that storytelling for business is both a science and an art and can be learned and mastered.

That’s the purpose of this course.

If you are a Leader who needs to inspire, a Manager who wants to motivate to get things done or a Marketer who wants to make an impact or for everyone really in business who simply want to make “their story” heard, then sign up for a place on our first course – 9th March 2017.

Find out more about our range of Leadership & Personal Development courses.

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