Cleanroom Technology Network Group: September Meeting

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Cleanroom Technology Network Group: September Meeting

We had our second successful gathering of the Cleanroom Technology Network Group on Sept 17th in the Radisson Hotel, Athlone with over 55 attendees from companies all over Ireland. The idea behind the network is to create an informal forum where people working within cleanroom environments can come together to discuss topics and areas of similar interest, share experiences and generally learn from each other to create a support network that will benefit all, in these challenging times.

Many different industries were represented including; medical device, pharmaceutical, hospitals, orthopaedics, cleanroom supporting industries and services such as packaging, garment apparel and laundry, design and validation, facility management, cleaning, laboratory testing, training and auditing.

In other words just about everything you would need to build and maintain your cleanroom to the highest standard possible.

Presentations were given on a number of different topics including; challenges faced during the initial set up of a cleanroom, cleanroom certification and classification preparation, audit findings and preventive action in relation to contamination control, cleanroom energy and cost management and environmental monitoring.

We look forward to our Christmas meeting on Dec 3rd where the following topics will be included; Cleanroom Design, Cleanroom Apparel and Rotation of Chemicals within Cleanrooms. As well though it will be a chance to network with many new people in an informal, relaxed atmosphere.

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