Money…or the lack there of.

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Money…or the lack there of.

I came across this short piece recently which, although written many, many years ago, somehow still seems very relevant to the times we are having.  So as the IMF / EU strategies and December budget cuts come into force, it might be worth remembering…

For money you can have everything, it is said.
No, that is not true.
You can buy food, but not appetite;
Medicine, but not health;
Soft beds, but not sleep;
Knowledge, but not intelligence;
Glitter, but not comfort;
Fun, but not pleasure;
Acquaintances, but not friendship;
Servants, but not faithfulness;
Grey hair, but not honour;
Quiet days, but not peace.
The shell of all things you can get for money, but not the kernel.
That cannot be had for money.
Anne Garborg (1851-1924)

However, as a company, if you do actually need to get your hands on more money and are looking at ways to achieve this, why not consider looking afresh at your business and internal processes using simple Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques – you will be amazed where savings (and therefore, real money) can be found.

77 companies tried this during 2010 and found an average savings of €90,000. If this sparks an interest, John or Eamon our six sigma heads would be very happy to have a chat with you. 2011 may just have a silver lining after all!!!

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