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My name is Jack Loughnane and I am a Transition Year student in Nenagh C.B.S. Co. Tipperary. For the last number of weeks I have been doing work experience in SQT. When asked to do a Blog I felt it would be fitting to write about the benefits of work experience.

Transition Year has given me many great opportunities throughout the year, none more so than being able to try my hand at a number of different work placements.
Our work experience takes place every Monday throughout the year, with us changing workplace every six or seven weeks. I have been lucky enough to have great variety in the different places I have worked and as a result have been able to do a number of very different jobs. These include:

  • Working on the floor of a busy cafe
  • Assisting in accomodation in the Irish Institute in Leuven. 
  • Working in the office and garage of a haulage company
  • Working in administration in the offices here at SQT

    These experiences will be a great help when, in the not so distant future, I will be deciding what career I wish to pursue after school. I also believe that many of the skills I have learned in my different placements, such as improved computer skills, knowing how different businesses operate and also just knowing how to get along in a work place, may be helpful even sooner. Hopefully I will be able to apply a number of them in any part-time jobs I have from now on. This has been one of the biggest benefits of Transition Year.

    P.S. I can safely say that my work experience went more smoothly than that of the sports science student in Chelsea FC who needed the attention of the medical staff after being shot by England star Ashley Cole with the most powerful air rifle allowed in the UK without a licence. But I’d like to think that most work experiences would be safer than that!

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